1.To popularize Science and Technology among the  people in general and the student community in particular of our State so as to inculcate in them a Scientific temper and attitude.

2.Encouragement to and funding of application oriented research in the field of Science & Technology.

3.To propagate, develop and extend the use of renewable energy sources devices in the State.

4.To promote and popularize remote sensing technology and make it's effective use.

5. To undertake research in frontier areas of Life Sciences, Materials Sciences, Bio-technology, Molecular and Environmental biology etc.

6.To undertake fundamental research in Mathematics and its applications and to support inter-disciplinary research through interaction between Mathematicians and Physical / Biological/ Engineering/Social Scientists.

7.To create awareness among the people in Astronomy, Astrophysics and Space Sciences.

8.Science and Technology communication through awareness promotion, support to Institutions/Organizations to  conduct  Seminars/Workshops/ Science competitions/ Science Exhibitions etc.

 9.To provide financial support to Scientists of the State to enable them to participate and interact in  the higher forums of International Conferences by presentation of their research/technical/scientific paper.