P Acharya
Shri Prasanna Acharya,
Cabinet Minister
Sri Jugal Kishore Mohapatra,
I.A.S,Additional Chief Secretary
Shri Pradip Kumar Amat
Shri Pradip Kumar Amat
Hon'ble Cabinet Minister
Shri R. Balakrishnan Shri Tuhin Kanta Pandey, IAS
Principal Secretary
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Revision of Pay
Date Notification/Office Order/ Memorandum/Circular
15.11.2016 Programme Schedule for Hearing of Fitment Committee-2016.new
07.11.2016 Hearing of Registered Service Associations by Fitment Committee-2016.new
18.07.2016 Revision of Grade Pay in centain posts with GP Rs. 4200 and Rs. 4600.new
17.01.2015 Resolution regarding RACP Scheme for the State Government employees in line of promotion.
06.02.2013 Revisied Assured Career Progression Scheme (RACPS) for the State Govt. Employees.
30.10.2012 Revision of the Pay Scales and Grade Pays of Pay Band - 1S under ORSP Rules, 2008.
27.08.2011 Revision of pay scale of Multi Purpose Health Superviser (Male) at Par with Multi Purpose Health Supervisor (Female)
27.06.2011 Revision of pay scale of Multiple Purpose Health Supervisor (Male) at par with Multiple Purpose Health Supervisor (Female)
30.03.2010 Notification No. 13968/F
18.03.2010 Notification No. 12007 (255)
10.03.2010 Notification No. 10819
10.03.2010 Notification No. 10822
10.03.2010 Notification No. 10834
10.03.2010 Notification No. 10837
10.03.2010 Notification No. 10840
10.03.2010 Notification No. 10843
10.03.2010 Notification No. 10846
10.03.2010 Notification No. 10849
16.02.2010 Notification No. 7316
16.02.2010 Notification No. 7325
16.02.2010 Notification No. 7322
16.02.2010 Notification No. 7319
16.02.2010 Notification No. 7313
03.02.2010 Notification No. 4615
29.08.2008 Adoption of uniform scale of monthly remuneration for contractual employees
09.07.2001 Relating To Orissa Revised Scales Of Pay Rule