P Acharya
Shri Prasanna Acharya,
Cabinet Minister
Sri Jugal Kishore Mohapatra,
I.A.S,Additional Chief Secretary
Shri Pradip Kumar Amat
Shri Pradip Kumar Amat
Hon'ble Cabinet Minister
Shri R. Balakrishnan Shri Tuhin Kanta Pandey, IAS
Principal Secretary
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Resolution & Notification
Date   Notification/Office Order/ Memorandum/Circular
01.07.2011 No.LFA-I-BT-4/2009(PT)-4418/F/ Tender Notice for award of contract for providing of services of Data Entry Operators in Local Fund Audit Organization under LFA Organization, Finance Department for a period of one year w.e.f. 01/08/2011 to 31/07/2012
28.06.2011 No.OFS-II (P)-51/2011-29187
28.06.2011 No.OFS-II (P)-51/2011-29183
28.06.2011 Liquefied petroleum gas for domestic use
27.06.2011 Revision of pay scale of Multi Purpose Health Superviser (Male) at Par with Multi Purpose Health Supervisor (Female)
24.06.2011 Withdrawal of the system of Letter of Credit for Public Works Divisions & Irrigation Projects from 1st July, 2011
24.06.2011 Online distribution of allotment relating to works expenditure from 1st July, 2011
10.06.2011 Revised pension disbursement procedure in the Treasuries through the Bank account of the pensioners
07.06.2011 Exemption of Entry Tax under IPR 2007
07.06.2011 Part final withdrawal from GPF during the last four months of Services of thesubscriber
06.06.2011 Assignment of drawing and disbursement responsibilities to the Financial Advisors (FAs) / Assistant Financial Advisors (AFAs) / Accounts Officers.
09.05.2011   Clarification regarding delegation of powers & modification of procedures for sanction of State Jailed Freedom Fighters' Family Pension
26.04.2011 Simplification of procedure of deposits and payments under Group Insurance Scheme for Government Employees
29.04.2011 Annual transfer of OFS-I (JB) officers during 2011-12
20.04.2011 Notification of CT-Branch regarding Orissa Consumer Welfare Fund Amendment Rules 2011.
07.04.2011 No.17235(225)/F {Regulation of Expenditure out of the annual budget 2011-12}
07.04.2011 No.17230(15)/F {Cash management system}
02.04.2011 Revision of Pension/Family Pension, Gratuity and communicatiuon of pension of post-2006 pensioners/family pensioners
31.03.2011 Amendment of OVAT Rules, 2011.
26.03.2011 Notification of CT Branch regarding amendment of schedules of VAT Act
26.03.2011 Notification of CT Branch regarding amendment of schedules of Entry Tax Act
28.02.2011 Central Sales Tax Act ,1956(74 of 1956)
28.02.2011 Orissa Entry tax rules,1999
23.02.2011 Measures of prevent rush of expenditure towards the flag.
19.02.2011 Allotment of funds under Demand No. 5-7610-Loans to Govt. Servant.
15.02.2011 4th phase allocation of funds under the House Building Advance to Govt. Servants.
13/02/2011 Income-Tax Deduction From Salaries During the Financial year 2010-11 Under section 192 of the Income-Tax Act,1961.
05/02/2011 No.WM-24/2010/4535/F (Deadline Circular)
31.01.2011 No.TRD-5/2010/3571/F
28.01.2011 No.TRD-5/2011/3351/F
06.12.2010 No.50415(225)-BT-I-26/2010-F
30.11.2010 No.49477-CTN-5/2010-F
30.11.2010 No.49237-CTC-43/2010/F
24.11.2010 No.OFS-II(P)-35/2010-48510/F
23.11.2010 No.CTA-57/10-48317(230)/F
23.11.2010 No.OFS-II(S)-39/2010-48324/F
20.11.2010 No.OFS-II(P)-28/2010-47752/F
10.11.2010 No.OFS-II(P)-46744/F
09.11.2010 No.46526/Pen-127/10/46526/F
09.11.2010 No. Pen-123/2010/46557/F
30.10.2010 Memo No.CS-IV-HBA-11/10/42109(45)/F