Department of Electronics & Information Technology
Government of Odisha, Secretariat, Bhubaneswar
Email ID-tendersorissa@gmail.com , orissaseclan@gmail.com

Hon'ble Governor,Hon'ble Chief Minister & O.L.A

Departments Email Id
Governor Odisha govodisha@nic.in
Secretary Governor govsecodisha@nic.in
Odisha Lagislative Assembly Odisha ola@nic.in
Chief Minister Odisha cmodisha@nic.in
Chief Minister Office,Odisha cmo@nic.in
PS TO CM-Odisha cmo_ps@nic.in
P.R.O To CM-Odisha protocm@nic.in


Departments Email Id
Agriculture agrimin.od@nic.in
Electronics & Information Technology itmin.od@nic.in
Energy energymin.od@nic.in
Excise excisemin.od@nic.in
Finance finmin.od@nic.in
Fisheries & Animal Resources Dev fardmin.od@nic.in
Food Supplies & Consumer Welfare fscwmin.od@nic.in
Forest & Environment formin.od@nic.in
Health & Family Welfare healthmin.od@nic.in
Higher Education hemin.od@nic.in
Home ohmin.od@nic.in
Housing & Urban Development hudmin.od@nic.in
Industries indmin.od@nic.in
Law lawmin.od@nic.in
Panchayati Raj prmin.od@nic.in
Planning & Co-Ordination minplg.or@nic.in
Revenue & Disaster Management revmin.od@nic.in
ST & SC Development, Minorities & Backward Classes Welfare stscmin.od@nic.in
School & Mass Education smemin.od@nic.in
Sports & Youth Services hsysmin.od@nic.in
Steel & Mines smpmin.od@nic.in
Handlooms,Textiles & Handicrafts hthmin.od@nic.in
Tourism & Culture mintourismculture.od@nic.in
Water Resources wrmin.od@nic.in
Women & Child Development wcdmin.od@nic.in


Departments Email Id
Agriculture agrsec.or@nic.in
Commerce & Transport ctsec.od@nic.in
Co-operation coopsec.od@nic.in
Culture cultsec.od@nic.in
Electronics &Information Technology itsec.od@nic.in
Energy energy@nic.in
Excise excisesec.od@nic.in
Finance finsec.od@nic.in
Fisheries & Animal Resources Dev fardsec.od@nic.in
Food Supplies & Consumer Welfare fcswsc@nic.in
Forest & Environment fesec.od@nic.in
Housing & Urban Development hudmin.od@nic.in
Health & Family Welfare orhealth@nic.in
Higher Education hedsec.od@nic.in
Home homesec.od@nic.in
Housing & Urban Development hudsec.od@nic.in
Industries indsec.od@nic.in
Information & Public Relations iprsec.od@nic.in
Labour & Employees' State Insurance labsec.od@nic.in
Law lawsec.od@nic.in
Panchayati Raj prsec.od@nic.in
Public Enterprises dpesec.od@nic.in
Public Grievances & Pension Admin pgpasec.od@nic.in
Revenue & Disaster Management revsec.od@nic.in
Rural Development rdsec.od@nic.in
ST & SC Development, Minorities & Backward Classes Welfare welsec.od@nic.in
School & Mass Education secysme.od@nic.in
Skill Development & Technical etet.od@nic.in
Science & Technology dstsec.od@nic.in
Sports & Youth Services sportsysec.od@nic.in
Steel & Mines dsmsec.od@nic.in
Handlooms,Textiles & Handicrafts textsec.od@nic.in
Tourism tourismsec.od@nic.in
Water Resources wrsec.od@nic.in
Women & Child Development wcdsec.od@nic.in
Works workssec.od@nic.in
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